2015 “Opening of the Beaches” Parade


 Can You See, and Hear, Me Now?                


  CAN YOU SEE, AND HEAR, ME?                                        MOLLY THE MERMAID








Mickey Wooing the Crowd                           Jimmy Parrish Floating Around

Mikey Wooing the Crowd                             Jimmy Parrish Floating Around            



We entered a float in the “Opening of the Beaches” Parade on April 26, 2015. We had a great turnout of club members to help decorate the float and then to walk along side the float as we displayed our parrot head-ness, as it were. Jimmy Parrish played music while sitting on the float, serenading the club’s Mermaid (the lovely Ms. Molly). We handed out lei’s with the club’s business cards attached and beads to the adults along the route, while treating the kiddies with candies. We were informed that our float took 3rd place in the parade competition. So, now we need to start planning for that 1st place recognition next year.

There was plenty to see on this float, being decorated with just about anything we could find and then attach to the trailer. Much thanks to everyone who came out and helped with this thrilling event, and to everyone who donated their own supplies to make this a great way to advertise our club. Special thanks to Gary and Michelle for hosting our float decorating at their house, to Mark and Laurie for towing our float for the parade, and to Billy and Darby for the awesome looking koozies (and lots of the decorations).

Click below to see some of the photos taken on Saturday (while decorating the float) and then on Sunday (before, during, and after the float).

Parade 2015 day 1

Parade 2015 day 2