Ports of Call

This is a collection of links and sites for Parrotheads to discover some really great places to explore. Have some fun on your journey!

2 thoughts on “Ports of Call

  1. Wanted to speak with you in regards to our Margaritaville night with the Daytona Tortugas. We’d love to get a group of Parrotheads from all over FL to converge in Daytona Beach at Jackie Robinson Ballpark on Sept. 1st for a night of celebration with Captain Josh singing the hour before the ballgame and 30 minutes post-game.

    We have a group rate pricing for individual who’d want to just attend the game or we could put together a picnic for everyone to meet up and party with a purpose while Captain Josh performs for an hour before the game and then again for 30 minutes post game.

    Let me know when we could chat so we have get things arranged and marketed to the group since it’s Labor Day weekend.


    James Wood

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